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COVID 19 Impact on Youth today

Written by Mark Okondo

On July 14, the first meeting of WREPA was held at Bunyala, Rwambwa, in attendance was WREPA's very own Global Adviser and Researcher, and the current two research assistants; Mark Okondo and Paul Okondo. We came together to discuss how COVID 19 has impacted the youth especially in Budalangi, with questions ranging from around how it has affected the youth's livelihood. The critical questions presented during this meeting were as follows: - How has COVID 19 impacted the youth? - Can the youth do something about it? - How are organizations like WREPA partnering up to assist the youth at this critical time in preparation for future changes? This interactive meeting was geared towards coming to the realization of just how much the youth may be undergoing because of COVID 19, the global menace since December 2019, that became a train wreck to the world's health at large leading to a strain on the implementation of SDG' s : 3 ( Good health and well being), 6 ( Clean water and sanitisation), 8 ( Decent work and economic growth) and 11( Sustainable cities and communities). The meeting also discussed better solutions to help the youth in Budalangi, creating awareness on how to combat it as some individuals in the local areas are still engrossed in their archaic beliefs even on witnessing people around them succumb to the virus first-hand! The main points of the meeting were: - Youth, globally, are envisioned to be the drivers and developers to a better and brighter tomorrow. - Youth must come out of their comfort zones and find an activity the can confidently do with the necessary skills required, hence preparing for the fast changing world. - COVID 19 can be managed only if we face the fact that it is real and here with us, encourage family and friends to get vaccinated.

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