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Tackling the Issue at a grassroots level

Alongside our partners Rozaria Memorial Trust in Zimbabwe, WREPA is dedicated to doing the fight to end Child Marriage as well as the fight against all Gender based Violence towards women. 

  • Supporting the campaign to ending child marriage

  • Supporting children in marriage by providing information to SRHR, empower them to continue their education either through alternative training or regular education streams

  • Connect children in marriage to organizations that can provide further social and psychological support

Solar Energy

Solar Power Training

Embracing Solar Power as a method to mitigate the current global climate crisis. WREPA is working with Solar Mtaani  as well as the local communities to train individuals on the benefits of solar power and training them on the mechanics behind installing and repairing solar panels 

Germinated Plant


Replanting trees is one of the proven ways to prevent flooding, drought and insect or disease infestations on local crops. WREPA is working with the local community in the Busia and Ruambwa regions to encourage reforestation

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All Videos

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