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UN Global Action for Sustainable Development

Written by Pamela Ngulu

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Pamela at the SDG Event in Bonn Germany

In May 2019, the 3rd edition of the SDG Global conference/Festival, that i attended as a WREPA representative in Bonn Germany, saw +17,000 participants from over 150 countries come together to make the impossible possible and create a step-change to catalyse collective action around the Sustainable Development Global Goals. The SDG Global event was packed with sessions, workshops and discussions on all the subjects related to the Sustainable Development Goals. Participants went to events that ranged from questions of how to implement the 2030 Agenda at the local level how to use cultural action to the SDGs.

The critical questions presented during this event were as follows:

  1. Why now? Why here? What do we hope to achieve?

  2. How can we Keep the momentum for the SDGs, why is this important and what are the key milestones on the horizons

  3. How do we engage over 1.8 billion young people to contribute to the SDGs?

This interactive event, invited us, to reflect on our own roles as young leaders to achieve a more inclusive, sustainable and just society. We looked at the delicate balance between a high impact orientation on the one hand and awareness towards ourselves and people close to us on the other side, of serving higher goals and staying true to our inner voice.

oftentimes, it is not easy to live up to our high exceptions earn consequences of our decisions are not predictable and the line between good and bad seems blurred. At the same time bold leaders with clear values and visions are more needed than ever to help achieve the sustainable development goals. The session invited me to deep dive on an inner journey and align my own understanding of the responsible leadership with my possibilities to act accordingly.

The aim of the event was also to introduce best case practices on contributing to the SGDs that organisations and individuals can implement., provide tips on how to engage with young people for the SDGs and give ideas on how to align one's activities to support the SDG's. I got to know action plans on how to engage with young people locally to achieve the SDG's and i had the chance to make contacts from key organisations working towards the SDGs.

Main points from the event were:

  • Young people are the true assets and instruments for achieving sustainable development goals. SDGs are based on a global agenda and its upon us to localise them.

  • People with disabilities are not incapable of taking action because of their impairments; they are hindered by the barriers of the society placed on them.

  • Ensuring people with disabilities reach their full potential is key to reach the SDG10, SDG8. "We cannot divide our needs and aspirations into silos-the goals must be pursued together"- SDGAction head Ponti Mari

  • Lets come out of our comfort zones, find what we're passionate about and get active

  • "We are not just the beneficiaries of this Agenda, we are the leaders of this Agenda"- Eddie Ndopu, Award winning, internationally acclaimed activist and humanitarian, UN Secretary-Genral SDG advocate.

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