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The Role of Technology in Improving SRHR education

Digital platforms and mobile apps are revolutionizing access to information and services for young women in Africa, particularly in the area of sexual and reproductive health. These technologies offer numerous benefits, such as improved access to information, increased awareness, and empowerment for individuals to make informed decisions about their reproductive health

One example of a mobile app that provides sexual and reproductive health information is the Mobiles for Reproductive Health (m4RH) app. This app offers accessible, private, and appropriate information to men, women, and youth, potentially increasing the use of contraceptives and addressing various challenges in sexual and reproductive health.

However, there are still challenges to overcome in order to fully leverage the benefits of digital technologies in this field. The digital divide remains a significant hurdle, as not everyone has access to the internet or smartphones. Additionally, in certain parts of Kenya there are multiple language areas with local languages not being a priority when these tech products are created, leaving out a demographic of younger girls and boys who may only speak local dialects. A second major challenge comes from country legislation that have advocated for the removal of SRHR education in schools under the guise of protecting christian values, this means that many young girls and boys will have no SRHR education from professionals or school officials that can verify education materials

Despite these challenges, the potential for digital platforms and mobile apps to improve sexual and reproductive health in Africa is immense with the introduction of SMS based family planning in Kenya by WHO. By addressing the digital divide and raising awareness about the benefits of these technologies, we can empower young women and men in Africa to make informed decisions about their reproductive health and ultimately improve their overall well-being.

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