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Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Written by Paul Okondo,

The report on child wellbeing is a unique and pioneering report that provides a comprehensive and a continental review and analysis on the state of a girl child in Africa.

It assesses the performance of African government in fulfilling their obligation to girls.

During this pandemic period of COVID-19 girls faced a lot of challenges and this being a unique challenge that girls faced in this pandemic and how the government responses can ensure that girls continue to access school, personal support and sexual and reproductive health services.

To celebrate African child brings a serious introspection and commitment towards addressing the numerous challenges they face.

It’s important to focus on the vital efforts of communities and children rights activists working to advance the rights of girls on the continent.

Early child marriage is a global practice and a manifestation of deeply rooted gender inequalities that impact the development, wellbeing and life

Approaches on how to end early child marriage in the society

1. Empowering girls

We can ensure that both girls are at risk of child marriage and married girls are equipped with the skills, knowledge and networks to become empowered agents of change in their own lives

2. Changing family and community perception.

We must be the fore front of awareness raising on the harmful consequences of child marriage and reducing acceptance among those who make the decision to marry off their children

3. Up policies frame work Making

This is to create an enabling environment for girls and women in the society to avoid their rights to be violated since they don have a say in the community.

The government and other organizations have to work to prevent child marriage and ensure that girls and women have better chance of choosing what their future could and should be

Change needs to happen since its clear that no single approach can end early child marriage, change needs to happen and at a local level for girls, but a vital supported by national, regional, and global efforts too.

In conclusion if we coordinate among ourselves across all sectors and at a different level, and if we work together as a team, we can end this vice of child marriage.

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