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Written by Michelle Otiato

The Women's International Peace centre promotes and empowers women globally, the aim to make women's voices heard in government by working with other organizations and making women aware of their rights and how to achieve them. The organization held an open discussion led by a panel to raise issues and resolutions on ending marginalization of women in societies and ending racial discriminations. It began with opening remarks in introduction of the main aim of the contract which was to bring people together and to reimagine human nature, human rights and gender equality. They proposed a Feminist way of thinking so as to work together in solidarity and to draw wisdom for the social contract for a global people movement was encouraged in different country, states, continents and societies (all over the world).

The contract had several principles that were being administered so as to provide services efficiently and they were as follows.

  1. Accountability

  2. It should deliver without altercations and efficiently on it course

  3. Access of basic rights is also an importance in the document

  4. The document should be answerable

  5. Transparency whereby in cases of finances, they should be aired out to the public so as to preserve trust

  6. It should be able to shift priorities politically to reconcile new political systems so as to improve governance

  7. Building coherent relationship with other organizations so as to build the political system process

The principles brought together and being followed in the contract will be able to reduce the numbers of racism in different states so as to assure people of peaceful well-being and also giving feminists a clear way to do administer their works in improving the lives of young women and girls in communities.

There was also a discussion on the aims of the new social contract which were.

  1. The contract was to transform the economy to improve basic human rights and not economic growth

  2. Feminists’ economy to transform the system where women are segregated

  3. Improvement of health social protection

  4. Gender equality whereby women and girls are not left out in growing the economy

There were so many questions on to be solved in answering to establish a good contract for the better good. What kind of social contract that is needed, how people should be treated (the stateless, fragile or refugees) to raise their consciousness and to show that they are important, the impact of politics in displacing people and who is responsible for the social contract. The unfair care burdens to women due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the unnecessary deaths and suffering, debt crises, global crises, famine, racism and food are also some of the problems which the contract is set to solve with immediate importance as discussed in the panel.

The discussion ended in after a division of different groups discussion. These break out rooms were moderated by each of the speakers from the first part of the day. Participants were asked to co-create and build together a vision of a new social contract. The topics discussed were climate, economics, fragility and politics.

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