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International Girls in ICT Day

Celebrated each year on 25 April, ICT day is one of great importance as the world is gearing up for more technological based systems. With technology playing a role in all kinds of careers, from art and history to law, primary teaching and graphic design, learning tech skills at a young age will set girls up for economic independence. And, the ICT sector needs more girls and women. One of WREPA's main priorities is in training young women and encouraging them to learn how the human rights processes are implemented.

Supporting the education of women and girls in the ICT sector is also in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular SDG 5, aimed at achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls through, among others, ICTs. Not only are jobs in the ICT sector lifting women out of poverty, but a more gender-balanced sector offers fulfilling mid and high-level careers, and enables highly talented women to springboard to the top of the career ladder. This is good for everyone.

One of the ways WREPA contributes to this day is by coordinating with our volunteers and sharing different events on ICT training and workshop events that they are able to attend through our support.

Future plans to involve young women; how to involve young women and girls :

  1. Creating hands-on workshops and activities

  2. ICT career fairs/ information on scholarships

  3. Attending workshops held by industry leaders particularly women

This is just a few of the ways WREPA plans to include young women in learning and improving their skills in ICT

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