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Gender Based Violence and how Religious leaders and Youth can find ways to end it

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Written by Michelle Otiato

Gender violence is an umbrella for any harmful act that is perpetuated against the will of somebody based on socially ascribed gender differences.

The term GBV stems from 1993 United nation Declaration on the elimination of violence against women, which is defined as violence against women.

Men and boys can also experience gender violence at any place where by they experience it but not talked about by many people in the country, they are stigmatized often

Religious groups play an important role on ending this act of violation of human right and to end gender-based violence in different communities in Kenya based on the type of the problem whether a boy or a girl is facing or a man or a woman is facing in the society.

There are several ways of which religious leaders can do to end or assist to cab gender violence in Kenya where each gender is facing this vice which is against the law.

The following are way of which religious leaders can reduce gender-based violence

1. Holding seminars and teaching people on gender-based violence.

2. Through protecting both women and men by improving laws and policies

and raising awareness of both gender rights.

3. Through providing redress by strengthening institutional responses to

gender-based violence

4. Raising cost of men engaging in the act and making rules about it and

establishing sanctions and mandating.

Youths can also play an important role in preventing gender-based violence and equality

  • Recognize the role of gender in violence

While boys and men do experience abuse its important to remember that majority of victims of violence are female and the majority perpetrators pf violence are men and boys

  • Educate yourself on the roots cause of violence

Violence against girls and women stems in male dominance and socialization of men, one need to read the books and articles, join groups at school and get trained or attend training available to you and get trained. Learn about myths and realities of gender violence and understand how our society condones it.

  • Interrupt abuse

When you see a guy grabbing a girl or push her into her locker say something to stop his abusive behaviour.

  • Stop sexual harassment

Don’t engage in any form of sexual harassment, such catching, and unwanted touching and be empowered.

In conclusion, GBV is a vice that people need to stop and also rules to be formed and mandated to people practicing it either on girls or boys. Each gender must be respected at any circumstances, government should also impose rules and regulations to stop this vice and create a good environment to people and stay in peace. #letsfight and stop GENDER BASED VIOLENCE.

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