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Commission on the Status of Women-61

Written by Marian Okondo

The Youth Forum creates a platform for youth to engage in dialogue with member states, civil society members and their peers regarding their challenges and involvement in achieving gender equality and women and girls empowerment.

As the global nation works on achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, it was obvious that youth are indeed the agents of change and their voices should be included in agreed conclusions by member states at the CSW.The priority theme of the youth forum was; “Youth Create Gender Equality–Economic Empowerment in the Changing World of Work” and through out the forum, we heard from panels that included professionals as well as young women and men from civil society organizations that discussed topics relating to youth and their involvement in achieving the priority theme.It was also the first time there were so many youth under 16 participating in the forum such as the young Elizabeth from our partner organization Rozaria Memorial Trust, who had the opportunity to sit on a high level panel on intergenerational inclusion of youth, where she described love as doughnut; “ Its not as delicious if you don’t share it” During the closing session of the Youth Forum CSW61 Lynda Mwakisha of WREPA KENYA had the opportunity to present the Youth declaration proposal that includes language and goals youth would like included in the final document agreed on by member states during the CSW61.The Youth Forum was a wonderful opportunity for WREPA to get involved in the global movement to achieve gender equality and women and girls economic empowerment, which is what WREPA KENYA works on achieving for the women in rural Kenya. As a professional, WREPA KENYA has empowered me by giving me the opportunity to build my resume and gain skills in advocacy as well as attend a meeting I would have never been privy to. It was really a great experience!!!

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