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AYM: My Insights for mobilising young people

Written by Brenda Kerre

The AYM training held in Nairobi, was crucial as I gained more insights, improved my knowledge, experience and skills on gender equality and challenges faced in Africa on health, I also was able to familiarize myself with all the seventeen SDGS and know more about the Agenda 2063. This will be helpful for the work we are doing with WREPA as it focuses on Gender Equality, Human rights, sexual reproductive health and socio-economic empowerment.

During the training I came to know about the seven committees where one of them was health. This health committee made me passionate to go and research the goals that an organization should campaign on, and the key issue focused on. The first goal is the gender equality, specifically; ensuring girls go to school and have equal education opportunities. Targeted groups would be young girls aged 18-25 years old and the change I would want to see is each and every young girl being educated, empowered and know all their human rights. Networks of young people, our organization’s volunteers, students at schools and community club groups. Through all this the youths should also be involved in leading the campaign by creating a youth panel for young people to meet which can help in the planning of activities to celebrate at least four times in a year.  

Some of the activities that can be celebrated are: The World Menstrual Hygiene Day which is held on 28 May, The theme of the day would be education. Targeted group would be young  girls aged 12-18 years old and the change I would want to see is each and every young girl being educated on menstrual hygiene. Networks of young people our organization’s volunteers, students at schools like school clubs, community club groups, school drop outs and youth associations in the community.

The World Health Day held on 7th April, theme would be sanitation and hygiene. Target would be the households let’s say fifty households and this could be done by encouraging youths to participate in the world health day and educating them on environmental hygiene. The change I would want to see is improvement on the environmental conditions example malaria and cholera. International Hand washing Day held on 15th October, To create awareness and understanding and importance of hand washing with soap as an effective and affordable to prevent diseases and save lives. Target would be schools and church’s while the age group would be 5-6 years old.

World HIV and AIDS Day held on 1st December, target age 12-35 years and the change I would want is to encourage more youths to go for testing then carry out prevention and education on HIV and AIDS and finally The World Mental Health held on 10th October. Through all this activities we create awareness and youth empowerment.

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