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A review on self actualization and goal setting to achieve full your potential

Written by Mark Okondo

Self Actualization

As many have heard before, it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. It’s important to understand that self-actualization is not about hitting a milestone and achieving a goal (though there may be goals and milestones along the way).

It’s actually the process of becoming who you are in terms of self-awareness, fulfillment, appreciation, and satisfaction.

Dr. Abraham Maslow defined self-actualization as self-fulfillment. Namely, the tendency for someone to become actualized into their full potential. This tendency might be phrased as the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming.

Maslow has said that in order to reach your fullest potential, including your full development of abilities and appreciation for life; you must fulfill your most basic needs before you can reach self-actualization.

Maslow broke these needs into five foundational layers:

  • Physiological needs (water, food)

  • Safety needs (shelter)

  • Social needs (love and belonging)

  • Self-esteem needs

  • Self-actualization

As you pursue a deeper sense of self-awareness and step into your potential, you may experience:

  • Stronger relationships, whether with family members, friends, or colleagues

  • Better fulfillment, personal growth, life satisfaction

  • A sense of contributing your talents and gifts in a meaningful way

  • More enjoyment of life, with less struggle and stress

Goal setting

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” – Andrew Carnegie.

Have you ever wondered why some people are so good at fulfilling their dreams and living a life of purpose? What is their "secret sauce" for success?

Some people would say that all you need to do is work hard to achieve what you want in life. Some people think it's about who you know or what you have. Yet others feel there are those born with access and that they are given all the breaks in life... The truth is, statistics demonstrate that those who create goals and have a regular and consistent goal-setting process are much more likely to achieve their life’s dreams.

Despite connections, you still have to continuously demonstrate to everyone that you were worthy of receiving the opportunity in the first place. Eventually, proving your worth to others becomes exhausting.

Add commitment and determination to your goals and you will find that you are willing to take continuous and consistent action toward making your dreams a reality, despite any obstacles in your path, including difficult times.

Having goals and staying committed to them will keep your focus on the things that you have identified as essential to reaching your desired outcomes. Too often, we expend precious time on issues that have nothing to do with what we really want in our lives. We get distracted by focusing on what others are doing and achieving, and striving to do the same.

We know that it was and still is a very difficult time and staying focused during the COVID-19 pandemic was definitely a challenge. We also know that life will continue for the vast majority of people during and after this pandemic. Now, more than ever, we believe that it is important to stay focused on something that can drive you through this difficult time.

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