The Women’s Rights and Empowerment Partnership in Africa (WREPA) is a youth-led organization that focuses on building a movement for change through focused training, leadership development and inspiration, based on integrity, determination and commitment to social justice.

WREPA seeks to create safe spaces that enable young people to reach their full potential through education, leadership, artistic and skills based training.

Rural communities in Africa are isolated and face overwhelming challenges such as lack of income , low levels of education and skills , poverty , disease ( malaria and HIV-AIDS) and poor leadership which undermines community-centered and ecologically sustainable approaches to development.


Deep divides along clan and gender lines exacerbate the inequalities. WREPA targets community based groups that include both men and women of all ages in urban settlements and rural areas for leadership training and capacity-building to enable individuals to develop the critical consciousness, community based social networks, and concrete skills to work for systemic change on the issues that they care about. WREPA empowers the groups to be their own advocates – to take their place at the table where decisions about rural development, resource allocation , education and health care are being made, and to create forums for dialogue on group leadership, income generation, savings and micro-credit facilities, education, health and environment.


Comprised of mostly volunteer young women and women dedicated to learning, engaging and fighting for women's rights and equality for all